Alden 405 - Care & Curiosity

About the Alden 405


The iconic "Indy Boot" is the Alden 405, nicknamed so because Harrison Ford loved them so much that he insisted on wearing them while portraying Indiana Jones.  So what exactly makes up an Indy Boot--and how should you care for it?

The Alden Model 405 Indy Boot is made with full-grain cowhide leather.  Originally built as a work boot, the 405 has gained a fashion-forward popularity as well.  

It was originally designed as one of Alden's Foot Balance System shoes, which have added support thanks to their long inside counters and special support "Thomas" heels.  All of the Alden "Indy boots" have recently been added to the Alden New England fine dress shoes Category. Some of the pictures on our site still show "Alden Foot Balance System" embossed on the heel pad, but recent models will have the standard Alden New England logo embossed on the heel pad. 



How To Care For Your Alden 405 Boots

1.  Insert Shoe Trees
2. Clean by wiping uppers with a damp cloth or damp sponge that has been squeezed of excess water.
3. Rub with dry cloth, and let stand until dry--this usually takes around 2 minutes.
4. Apply the Alden's Fine Boot Cream in Neutral with a clean dry cloth, or horsehair dauber. This helps to  nourish the leather. Allow 2 or more minutes to dry. Brush off with horsehair brush. 
5. Apply Brown Alden Paste Wax liberally using a horsehair dauber or brush. Other paste wax brands may be okay too, but the Alden paste wax product works well. Let stand 3 minutes.
6. Brush and shine with a Horsehair brush. Plastic or synthetic brushes are ineffective for shining.
Finish with a soft, clean cloth, or Colonil's Goat hair finishing brush.

* Keep in mind that this routine will be different for other "Indy Boots" since different models may feature different leathers such as Shell Cordovan and Chromexcel, which require different products and care. Do not use this method on Suede.

Other "Indy Boots"

At TheShoeMart, we carry many variations of the traditional Alden 405.  From the black 401 with white stitching to the rugged Kudu Indy, there's an Indy boot for everyone! See some of our selection below. 

Posted on February 20, 2016 .