Alden Lasts


Alden's lasts are well-known for their exceptional fit and support.  However, some customers, especially those new to Alden Shoes, may find the differing sizes and widths of the lasts a bit confusing.  We'd like to clear them up a bit for you.

A side-by-side comparison of all of the Alden Lasts. (Click to enlarge)

Depending on the last they are formed with, Alden shoes have either pointed, soft square, or round toe boxes. The pointed toe boxes, like the ones on the Aberdeen last, are of course the most narrow. The Barrie, Modified, and Trubalance lasts have rounder Toe Boxes and are wider.  The Plaza last has a soft, square toe box and is a bit tighter in the mid-foot area.

Above-all, we recommend contacting our customer service team in order to determine your best fit. You can contact them by phone Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM EST at 800-850-7463 or shoot us an email at If you live close enough to our Norwalk, CT store, feel free to come in for a visit. Our expert sales team would love to take the time to help you find the perfect Alden Shoe. 

For videos explaining the various lasts in greater depth and tips on how to try on shoes you order online so that you do not crease or damage them and are able to return them, please visit our YouTube Channel.