Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order Alden shoes?

You can call Customer Service at (800) 850-7463 to place your order. Customer service is available Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM - 6:00PM EST.  
You can also purchase Alden shoes and accessories at


Do you have a brick and mortar store or a retail location?  Where are you located?

Yes, our Brick & Mortar store is located in Norwalk, CT.  We have both off-street parking and handicapped parking for your convenience. 

Please see our About Us page for directions and more information about visiting us!


What is a Last?

A shoe last is the 360-degree mold upon which a shoe is constructed.  The last used when constructing a shoe influences the overall fit, style, and shape of the shoe.  Alden has over 15 different lasts, each with its own shape and distinct allowance for volume. Because foot shapes vary widely, some lasts may be more apt to fitting your specific foot shape than others.


Which size should I order?  What size am I on the _____ Last? 

The best way to determine your size is to be fit in person. We would love to fit you at our retail store in Norwalk, CT.  If you cannot come in for a visit, we can offer these sizing guidelines.  While this is the best sizing advice we can offer without fitting you in person, it is not perfect.  If you are uncertain about sizing, please read our Returns page to learn about our easy returns and to watch our YouTube video about How To Properly Try on Alden Shoes.

While they each have distinct characteristics in regard to fit at the heel, instep, forefoot (width), and toe box (depth), all Alden Lasts run True To Size with exception of the Barrie and Modified Lasts.

We recommend going 1/2 size down in length on the Barrie or Modified Last. For example, if you typically wear a 10.5D in other Alden shoes (or your usual dress shoe), we recommend wearing a 10D on the Barrie or Modified Last.

We recommend trying your true size on the Trubalance Last. If you are between sizes, we recommend wearing the lower size. For example, if you are typically between a 10D and 10.5D, we recommend wearing a 10D on TruBalance.


What is a Bootmaker Edition Alden shoe?

A Bootmaker Edition is a special edition Alden shoe that has been created specially for TheShoeMart. Extreme care has been put into designing each of these special patterns.  Each style is a unique expression of Alden's famous craftsmen and exacting standards. 


The model I am interested is sold out. What can I do?
If a model you are interested in is labeled "sold out," you can contact customer service at (800) 850-7463 or by e-mail to see if and when that model will be in stock again. You may have the option to pre-order a Bootmaker Edition shoe with the process outlined below. 

Can I pre-order a Bootmaker Edition shoe that is not in stock?

Our current pre-order process involves what we call Bootmaker Edition Wish Lists.  Customers who would like to reserve a Bootmaker Edition Alden shoe style that is not currently in stock or available in their desired size should contact Customer Service to be placed on a Wish List. You can call (800) 850-7463 or e-mail us with a request to call you.  A valid US credit card is required to order the shoe, though your card will not be charged until the item is actually shipped out to you.  We will notify you be e-mail before the shoes are shipped. 


How long will it take to get the Bootmaker Edition shoe that I want?

If the style and size you desire is not currently in stock, it is hard to say.  All Bootmaker Edition shoes and boots are made in limited size orders.  If an order has already been placed and is in the later stages, and the size you desire has not already been committed to another customer, your shoes may arrive very soon. However, if the model is in the beginning stages of the process, it could take upwards of 8-10 months or more before you receive your shoes.  Alden does not provide updates on progress or delivery times. Once an order has been "confirmed for production" from the Alden factory, it generally takes approximately 12-14 weeks.  At this point, we will contact you by phone or e-mail. 


Do you ship Alden internationally? 
We do not ship Alden internationally. You must have both a valid US address and a US credit card to order our Alden shoes.

Alden only allows for US Shipping in order to be fair to their other retailers outside of the United States.