D5826C - Alden 9 Eyelet Plain Toe Commando Boot - Black Shell Cordovan


D5826C - Alden 9 Eyelet Plain Toe Commando Boot - Black Shell Cordovan


Our Bootmaker Edition Alden Shell Cordovan plain toe boot with a Commando sole is a perfect day to day boot.  Crafted on the Barrie Last with 9 matched agatine eyelets, this boot accommodates most feet and offers a very versatile silhouette. The Commando sole is weather-ready so you can just lace up and go.

Alden Shell Cordovan boots are tanned with a traditional, pure vegetable tanning process and are hand finished. This process takes a full six months to complete in the single tannery still producing genuine shell cordovan today. The resulting leather is soft, supple, and made to last. As time goes on, this Shell Cordovan Boot will assume the contours of your foot, providing an excellent fit that feels like it was custom-tailored to you. Each Alden New England boot offers breathable comfort that lasts all day long. A layer of cork underneath the insole provides both insulation and resilience.  A tempered steel shank is expertly contoured within each boot and triple ribbed for extra strength. The shank provides a backbone to keep the shape of a fine welt boot and additionally offers remarkable support for lasting comfort.

Bootmaker Edition
Black Shell Cordovan Leather
Plain Toe Boot
9 exposed, matched agatine eyelets.
Full glove leather lining.
Vegetable tanned leather insoles.
Commando Sole.
Barrie Last.

Size Chart:

C     9½-11
D     7-12, 13
E     8½-11

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