About the Alden Grant Last

Most of our customers find that the Alden Grant Last runs true to size, but some size down by a half size.  The Grant Last is roomy, but not quite as accomodating as the Barrie Last, and slightly less generous than the Hampton. There are no Alden stock models made on the Grant Last, but we think it's a great fitting last for boots. 

The Grant Last is a sleek last that will accomodate a neutral instep and average width heel. It is especially great for wearing with thicker weight socks.

You can find all of our make-ups on the Alden Grant Last in our Color8 virtual catalog. You can also view our Alden Grant Last boots at TheShoeMart.com.

Recently, we ran an "Alden Fit Fact Friday" e-mail newsletter series. The aim of this series was to share details about the different Alden Lasts to help you find your perfect fit. We are adding some of this information here to help enhance your Alden experience.

Posted on April 15, 2016 and filed under Lasts.